Opus 73 (2018)

2m + P, 2 stops. Practice organ for a private residence in Leicester.

Opus 73 - Image 1

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Manual I C - g''', 56 notes
Gedackt 8' Oak and walnut

Manual II  C - g'''
Clear Flute 4' Oak, cherry and walnut

Pedalboard C - f', 30 notes, parallel and concave

Case, pedalboard and bench of oak with a polished finish.
Fretwork openings in front panels.
Keyboard naturals of boxwood, sharps of ebony.
Intermanual 'shove' coupler, coupling lower to upper.
Two manual to pedal couplers by hitch-down pedals.
Blower and wind regulator in the lower case.

Dimensions: height 1900mm, depth 600mm, width 1350mm

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