Workshop News

The chamber organ, Opus 9, temporarily installed in the Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh, is now being used in Mayfield-Salisbury Church, Edinburgh.

Opus 28: Having served as a continuo organ in many concerts in the Colchester area for the first twenty years of its life, this organ has now been purchased by The Harpsichord Clearing House in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA, to be used as a hire organ. Apart from needing a new blower motor to suit USA voltage, this organ has all its original parts.

Opus 63: chest organ, currently for sale.


Opus 71 and Opus 73: two three-stop chest organs are now under construction. Opus 71 has all wooden pipes with the 4' and 2' having separate stops for bass and treble registers. Its case panels will be decorated in a manner similar to that used in Opus 61. Opus 73 will have a speaking 2' facade of metal Principal pipes, as with previous similar instruments (Opus 34 and Opus 35). The centre tower (with the bass pipes) lifts off the main case, which then separates in the usual way for transportation. The case doors protect the facade pipes during transportation and also help to project the organ's sound when open.

Opus 72 is an interesting two manual and pedal organ of 13 speaking stops for a private residence in South London. Its design is inspired by the organs of Arp Schnitger, with a speaking facade of 4' Principal pipes. Unusually for a house organ, the pedal organ will have an independent 16' Subbass in a separate case, as well as pedal reeds at 16' and 2' pitches.

Plans are also underway for a two manual and pedal church organ of 10 - 12 speaking stops, with a 6' Principal facade.