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Opus 61: chest organ with three stops of wooden pipes. All enquiries welcome. See Opus List for details.

Opus 73: chest organ with three stops, including a facade of 2' Principal pipes. This instrument is currently under construction. For price and other details please email, or phone the workshop on 01368 830611.


Renton Organ Case

Towards the end of 2005 we acquired the splendid mahogany case, together with gilded dummy facade pipes, bellows and assorted internal maerials of a rare John Renton chamber organ. It was planned to restore this instrument to its original condition and specification, but alas, some vital parts have been lost or destroyed.

The original specification was:

One manual GG to g - 61 notes
Stopped DiapasonBass and Treble
PrincipalBass and Treble
Octave Flute
Viol de Gamba
Kerolophinfrom Tenor c in a swell box
Silistiniafrom Tenor c in a swell box
Dulcianafrom Tenor c in a swell box


Dimensions: 3350mm high x 1870mm wide x 725mm deep

The organ was known to arrive in Fortrose Parish Church in 1911 but was probably built before 1864. It was removed in 1986 by the late Hugh Ross on behalf of the Scottish Historic Organ Trust with the intention of restoring it.

We now intend to design and build a new instrument within this case in an appropriate style (and using pipework from the original instrument), and would be happy to discuss our proposals with any interested party.